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................for how long have I neglected this blog I'm so sorry ahahahah
actually, I just remembered I haven't updated in a while yesterday... and no I didn't forget I had a blog, really-- /SMACKED
I didn't really have much to write about or show so I thought I would have just let it be instead of having people read my unimportant rants and random daily life ahahaha-- that sounds like a pretty fun idea to do though ◜◒◝ ) /HIT

My life has been pretty good so far, aside from my piling schoolwork and lack of sleep so I haven't really been productive these days-- not to mention my college has cancelled its winter semester so my fall semester would extend till the December 22nd(?) and spring starts at January ahahah brb weeping;;;;;; but I guess I'll manage, .. somehow.
I also went to Alaska during my summer break ahaha I had a really fun time there and I'd love to go back there if I have the chance to, I might be posting some photos from my trip on my next post ^q^ well not that anyone is interested but I will do it anyway /SHOT ...I kinda doubt people are still reading my blog anyway so yepyep it feels pretty nice to rant these to myself ahaha it's kinda like a stress relief I guess--

uhh I guess I'll stop ranting for today and post some doodles/dumps while I'm at it;;
dumps below to avoid sudden eyebleeds
.............h-honestly I don't even know what to put here;; it's been a while since I was actually able to draw a decent doodle/drawing but ahah might as well repost some stuff? sorry /HIT
I guess I'll also add some WIPs which I've never shown and doubt would ever finish thanks to my artblock kicking in yep.

first, some reposts from my tumblr-- /SHOT

these are my most recent doodles out of all the others I have, all of them are my OCs-- and yeah if you haven't realized already I love drawing my OCs no matter how weird they are leavemealone /weeps/

and now to dig up some more embarrassing stuff from my folder ahaha ORZ
some WIPs

ordered from neatest to sloppiest ahah;; well yeah that's how I plan my drawings most of the time anyway, I was born sloppy what can I do /rolls away/
...sorry I'm too embarrassed to show the others but;;;;; yeah
and I just noticed I have so many okikagu WIPs woah

actually here, have some CL!Panchira parody previews

.... you don't know how hard it was for me to pick the most 'safest' out of all the frames I've done. Someone give me the motivation to finish this sahdvjash I only need to do 5 more frames and It'll be done but ahahah;;; artblock and laziness /crawls away/
babbus//// I might actually make my own separate tag for them and their own post where I'll put my infinite doodles of them and game logs (they're originally our RO charas but we kinda made a gakuen AU for them)

lol I love these bunch, words cannot express how much I love them okay 8((
here's some chibis to clear up their 'nista' image

and that's all for now!