summer break *q* (old trad. doodles)

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sorry for the lack of update, I'm finally free from school aahahaha//////
I'd also like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts, they made me really happy QvQ
I didn't really have a great birthday this year since I was so busy with my final projects and I didn't get to do anything memorable that day /rolls
but I got to ate cake my family and friends gave me so I'm all good ohohoh I really appreciated it sdjfdhjfdhs (yes I am easily pleased by food don't judge u3u )

ok then enough rambles ahaha for the sake of updating, I'll post some really old pencil doodles I found in my sketch books

dumps below!

1.Cedric and Minakuu, me and big sis'(minakuu@dA) OC I did a year ago ufufu I might try to color this because I miss these two///// /HIT
2. Mirage's (my pottermore OC) very first concept(?) sketches lol the suicidal pokerfaced slytherin hnnng I made this around the time I first got my beta test account on the site *q*
3. super old oc, Xynne-- some of you might remember him but eh-- I doubt that;; attempted to redesign him fffff
4. HARD AND DICKIES /HIT yep me and Irene's (ireners@dA) OC ghsavghasd I remember doodling this last summer ahahaha orz

aaaand some monoba related doodles

all of them are a year old except for the last one which I did when I was stressed out from my projects lol
I guess you couldn't really count the 3rd as a yaer old too since when I browsed through my sketchbook, the only thing I saw on that page were stickmen so I just tried to continue it but... ashdbshj /TABLEFLIP I DON'T UNDERSTAND MY OWN SKETCHES
I just noticed that I drew so many Toshiro and Kou pics too it's not even funny /WEEP

lol go away guys I don't have a scanner and I'm too lazy to edit on photoshop so a quick photo of them from my phone would do ok /HIT (ignore the thumbs please aaaa;; )
but yeahh maybe I'll go raid my old sketch books again later when I'm bored ahahah I actually had a really fun time browsing through them;;