quick dump update

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sorry for the lack of update;; the excuse of not knowing what to write is probably getting really old now /weeps
I'll try to update more often... with perhaps some wips or something idk orz

so for this entry, I'll just be posting some doodles or quick drawings QvQb
some of them are done a couple of months ago I'm not really sure sobb sorry I'll be reposting most of them from my tumblr /weeps

dumps below!

Inga from Un-Go, I love the character design mang I couldn't help but want to draw a little fanart////

mawaru penguindrum doodle jahdhasjd probably once of my fav series these days, sometimes kinda confusing for me but hngggg the newest eps-- MY HEART /weeps
definitely gonna do a proper fanart one of these days O7O

monoba doodle as usual /'-'

my old oc, Xynne-- I've been planning to redesign his outfit.. soon... maybe orz

my eeljinka design ahahah, I imagine his personality to be pretty psychotic-- /HIT

ok that's all for now, thanks for visiting (*´▽`*)ノ