massive doodle spammage

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it's been a while since my last update *7*
I always find myself confused on what to write

I haven't been able to draw anything seriously lately, I spend most of my time doodling okok

more doodles below to save space (and reduce the chances of sudden eyebleeding OTL)

Old OC is old, she will forever be nameless wwwwwww /SHOT
I might try drawing a pic of her since it's been such a long time since I drew her ;o;

monoba doodles, I have more but they're filled with crack and are extremely messy
mostly junta related pics for now, more later /CRIES
and the one below is actually a wip consisting of a couple of sketches compiled together but eh-- I lost my mostivation to finish it, I was actually done coloring half of it but no more ok hadjbs

HH related, I like drawing people's ocs more than I draw my own
I butchered them but oh well I ALREADY APOLOGIZED OK orz
I got more HH doodles of other people's charas but I got too lazy to take a pic of them all, I'll do it later ;o;
top is Hime(right) and Shizuka(left) who belongs to yui and yoon, bottom pic is a drawing of Hime drawn on tegakie ajshdahsjlongtimenotegaki

and last have a random wip, not sure I'm gonna finish it since I don't have the slightest clue on what to add for the background
I have so many wips I've been abandoning, maybe I should just dump some of them here on my next update


I've been doodling on paper more these days, but no scanner makes it harder to transfer to the computer
taking a pic of them one by one with a phone is just too tedious for me orz

and now off I go and disappear *7*//