quick update

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yep just a quick update telling I still lurk around here
my spring break will start next week< really can't wait ahahah hopefully I'll be able to go somewhere during the break hnng I really wanna go travel somewhere eventhough it's just to a different state "OTL

so here's some wips and doodles that I would most possibly finish out of all the files in my folder;;

mixed them all in one pic this time since I'm too lazy to upload one by one separately hahah
most of them are my OCs except for the one that has been linearted and the one with the light blue sketch, not sure if anyone would recognize them =v=;;

yep that's how I sketch/doodle, they're very messy sometimes I can't even figure out what I drew "OTL
anyways, I'll try to finish them all during the spring break if I can \o/

here's one last random drawing for today
minakuu@dA (BIG SISSSS) and my oc lol playing a game together like a mofo

as for now, I'm off!