random sketches and WIPs

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I should update more often but sometimes I don't even know what to post QHQ;;

here are a some of 4863712 files I have in my folder;;

first pic is for coloring and background practice but now that I look at it, there are plenty of mistakes hahah maybe I'll fix the lineart when I have time
the second one was just a doodle but I don't know why I ended up coloring it lol;;

umm and here's a redesign of my old pkmn trainer OC lol
I was planning to use her for UBF (since a long time ago actually) on deviantart but-- idk u___u;;
lazy assed pkmn, can't draw them to save my life anyways ahahah which reminds me, I need to buy myself BW aaaaa still can't decide /cries

--and the one under it was the old design done uhh about a year ago? I don't know precisely, it was really simple lol and hnng fail shinx

....I'm still working on pages btw, I'm not neglecting monoba I swear;;

so yea, I was planning to open commissions pretty soon but I am still confused about the pricing unff can anyone tell me the average price of commissions for chibis/waist-up/fullbody/etcetc-- *SHOTDEAD*
I've been asking for suggestions from a friend ahah but I just want to make sure since I'm really just scared of overpricing things ;o;
working on a couple of samples these days, for some reason, I am addicted with chibis lol

ok, enough for today