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ok-- so the last time I posted something on this blog was about 2 months ago haha
june was a busy month for me so I wasn't able to write anything lol
I went to Bali with a group of people to participate in a contest which was held there, and lol we got 1st place *u*
I got a few photos while I was there but I guess I'll just post them here later since I don't feel like doing so now

so anyways, I'm just writing this to prove that I haven't abandon this blog yet derpderp
and sorry, no WIPs for now because I'm not really happy with my artworks and I don't even have any motivation to finish my drawings D8
--and for some reason I'm not really in a bad mood these days and often feels uneasy;; idk, maybe because school started? haha and not to mention I'll be moving in a few months hnng
so therefore I've been pretty busy--

but I'll manage, I hope hahah *u*b