finals soon + WIP

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will be having my finals soon and therefore, I will be going on a hiatus soon-- and will be back before you know it ahahah /SHOT
wish me luck, especially on maths and accounting lolol
FFFF I suck with numbers D8<

and here's my last WIP before the finals;

my OCs, Tsubame and Yuuki from the so-called comic I've been doing
I haven't drawn these guys in a while ahahah I kinda miss them;;
yay for my lame characters. But no matter how lame they are, I still love them anyway ;3;

ughh and my tablet is lagging more often nowadays but whatever, I won't be using it for a while anyway;; I'll worry later /SOB

okk-- I'm done for today's entry
I need to find something to eat now