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................for how long have I neglected this blog I'm so sorry ahahahah
actually, I just remembered I haven't updated in a while yesterday... and no I didn't forget I had a blog, really-- /SMACKED
I didn't really have much to write about or show so I thought I would have just let it be instead of having people read my unimportant rants and random daily life ahahaha-- that sounds like a pretty fun idea to do though ◜◒◝ ) /HIT

My life has been pretty good so far, aside from my piling schoolwork and lack of sleep so I haven't really been productive these days-- not to mention my college has cancelled its winter semester so my fall semester would extend till the December 22nd(?) and spring starts at January ahahah brb weeping;;;;;; but I guess I'll manage, .. somehow.
I also went to Alaska during my summer break ahaha I had a really fun time there and I'd love to go back there if I have the chance to, I might be posting some photos from my trip on my next post ^q^ well not that anyone is interested but I will do it anyway /SHOT ...I kinda doubt people are still reading my blog anyway so yepyep it feels pretty nice to rant these to myself ahaha it's kinda like a stress relief I guess--

uhh I guess I'll stop ranting for today and post some doodles/dumps while I'm at it;;
dumps below to avoid sudden eyebleeds