I can never think of good titles (dump)

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dump time ahahah
bear with my messy dumps, at least I tried to update /o\ *hides in embarrassment*

I haven't actually drawn anything seriously these days so I'll just dump some of my old doodles I did on my sketchbook/whatever paper I can find

I remember doodling that usuk for bluu before sleep and the others are just some stuff I felt like drawing :\
sorry if it's kinda blurry, I used my phone to take the pic orz (no scanner)

and have a monoba doodle ^q^
I've been drawing these two a lot lately idk why ahah

and that's about it for today,
I'll try to update more with my doodles on the weekends maybe =q=

I actually wanted to rant but I'll avoid doing that for now :'D