5 more days *Q* [WIPs+doodle]

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fffu I really can't wait until the 20th of December, winter break is gonna starts soon huffff
I just need to be a little patient with school works and anything related and after that I'm finally free hahhaha

so anyways here are a couple of WIPs I made recently, I have a lot more actually but ahahah I'm lazy :|
maybe I'll show them next time--

wip wip

append rin and len (left) *v* it's been a while since I last drew a vocaloid related drawing so fffffuu I actually did unff
that sketch on the right is a new OC I created for a group I joined after some of my friends told me to lolol aahh yea my digital sketches are actually messier than my traditional sketches so what T:

ok that's about it for this post, I actually have this WIP of a gift I'm doing for my browaifu bluu but eheheh AvA *cough* iggy *cough* jacket *cough*


and here have doodle I did of yuuki a couple of weeks ago that I forgot I actually made;;


ok. I'm done for today *flees*