I talk too much (rants)

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ok, so the date is fixed, I'll be leaving from Jakarta on the September 30th. FFF I still haven't finished packing my things but oh well, I don't even know what to bring >:
I'm gonna miss my friends a lot hnng I'll be sure to visit my school before leaving hurr
kjasndaskdjhbasf wryyy "OTL

I'm gonna try to finish all artworks and stuff I need to do before leaving since I don't know whether I will be able to immediately connect to the internet once I get there jksdna let's just hope i do haha /SHOT

ok I'm done ranting, short post for today since I don't know what else to say (that kinda rhymes but wth)
no WIPs and doodles for now since I've only been scibbling these days ughh "OTL
oh and Happy Eid for those who celebrate it by the way durhurr