1 more week + WIPs and a couple of dumps and doodles

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can't believe July is almost over, which means that I just have 1 more week and I don't need to go to school anymore since I have to get ready to leave and stuff jkhbsadkjashb
I know I'll miss my friends a lot, I hope that we'll be able to meet again someday "OTL
they've all been so kind to me, they even gave me a surprise on my birthday back in June lololol
(ditimpukin tepung ama telor berhubungan waktu itu lagi live in dan situasinya tidak memungkinkan untuk mendapatkan kue aahahahah)
though I'm really happy to know that I might be meeting one of my old friends again after I move QAQ It's been around 6 years since we last met each other, I really can't wait to see her again


and here's a WIP

again-- my OC, Yuuki from my webcomic derpderp, I suppose this is kinda like a spoiler drawing since it hasn't even reached to the main plot 'cause I'm a procrastinator;;
lol thankfully it doesn't look so messy after I resized it into a smaller size, the actual size looks extremely messy and thick since the lines were drawn with a pencil 'cause I don't feel like redoing the lineart digitally, I'll clean up the lines later hurr and after that I will probably attempt to color it

and here's some drawr doodles, derp I recently deleted my old doodles in drawr and started draw there again-- and got addicted... again

hardickieslol colorpractice

Left: OCs created together with my friend, *COUGH*IRENE*COUGH* which are made randomly and named after some typos we made while chatting on msn lol
Right: some random girl I created, was just experimenting with the colors on this

and here, have an old tegaki doodle which was done last year lol


I might post some more old tegaki doodles next time since I got a lot of them hahah

ok that's enough for today, I noticed I've been drawing more guys than girls these days lol I wonder why ahahah


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ok-- so the last time I posted something on this blog was about 2 months ago haha
june was a busy month for me so I wasn't able to write anything lol
I went to Bali with a group of people to participate in a contest which was held there, and lol we got 1st place *u*
I got a few photos while I was there but I guess I'll just post them here later since I don't feel like doing so now

so anyways, I'm just writing this to prove that I haven't abandon this blog yet derpderp
and sorry, no WIPs for now because I'm not really happy with my artworks and I don't even have any motivation to finish my drawings D8
--and for some reason I'm not really in a bad mood these days and often feels uneasy;; idk, maybe because school started? haha and not to mention I'll be moving in a few months hnng
so therefore I've been pretty busy--

but I'll manage, I hope hahah *u*b