• drawings
I have been quite productive this week lmao
It's been quite some time since the last time I really felt like drawing and for some reason I've been drawing/sketching so many stuff these days

guhh I really hate drawing linearts but if I leave it as a sketch it would only look like scribbles "OTL
Srsly, how do people make such clean and smooth linearts Q3Q
FFFFF I really want to try using SAI but unfortunately I'm using a Mac and I don't think it's compatible with it;;


Ikano (a friend's OC) and Iris (my OC); this started off as a really rough doodle I did for fun and I was planning to color it in a very simple and quick way but I suddenly felt like coloring it seriously so I just cleaned it up and made the lineart lol "OTL
andshadbdajkhfd I still need to add some stuff/fix some mistakes though;;


Finally decided to draw a fanart *A* lol DRRR!!
supposed to be Izaya but I fail at drawing him so yeah he doesn't really look like Izaya;;
You probably already know whose beside him but I didn't show his face because it's VERY messy
I need to practice drawing guys and poses;;
I haven't finished making the lineart.. it's still very messy and ughhh so many mistakes to fix


....and this is a neglected drawing made in tegaki that I decided not to finish because I was too lazy...
I might try to finish it on photoshop but IDK;;
both of them are my OC, Skye and Gale which are from a group at tegaki

I have more WIPs but it's not very interesting so hurrrr forget about it;;
...I actually did this just to update my blog so that people don't think that I'm dead/think that this blog is dead FFFFFFFFF
and yes....I'll try to update more often here;;


  • life
FINALLY, for 1 week I won't be going to school because of the National Examinations in my country
I wish my seniors good luck on it though C:

I've been so stressed with school, there's just too many homeworks/assignments and test
I was so happy to know that I could at least take a short break

expect me to doodle all sort of stuff this week hrrrrnngg
I was also hoping that I could finish all the stuff I owe people... I should try and stop procrastinating ughh
.... and maybe start finishing all those 9 pages for Monoba =u=;;