rants + random tegaki WIP

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so after neglecting this blog for a couple of months, I finally came back lololol
I really should try updating more frequently, it's just that sometimes I don't even know what to write 8D;;

happy chinese new year and valentines day, I suppose (though I'm very late;;)

so anyways, I heard quite a surprising news from my dad yesterday
he said that there's a possibility that we'll be moving to another country around this year;;
I really don't know how should I react since I thought that we'll be staying here for about 1 year or more
(yea I've been staying in different countries for almost my whole life because of my father's work)

ok, I'll stop ranting, here's a random WIP of a drawing I'm working on in tegaki when I was bored
they're my OCs which I created based on my cellphone, macbook, ds, and calculator lololol
...and yes, I have a story of them actually /:

I create too much OCs, seriously
I really like designing characters but sometimes I end up neglecting my old ones because of that hurrr