tegaki doodle

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I was bored so I ended up drawing on my tegaki e account...
so here it is

ox tegaki

ahhahaha so happy chinese new year to those who celebrate it
I'm not chinese so I don't celebrate it ( though a lot of people think I do lol )...but I felt like drawing something related to it 8D

ughh my throat hurts right so much right now D:

drawings (W. I. P)

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I've been working on some drawings of mine
there's too many so I'll just put some of them here

a random sketch that I'm planning to CG 8D
(random characters with lots of mistakes on the proportions..)

unfinished coloring and edited the pose with some corrections which still looks wrong..LOL


another OC of mine.. I don't know if I'm gonna finish this one or not because the body proportions looked kinda weird (and I just realized it after coloring about 50%)

okk..that't it for now



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I finally made a blog here
I'll be putting my drawings, W.I.P , and probably some of my sketches
This is just an introduction post so I guess I'll be editing the stuff and putting my drawings later