I talk too much (rants)

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ok, so the date is fixed, I'll be leaving from Jakarta on the September 30th. FFF I still haven't finished packing my things but oh well, I don't even know what to bring >:
I'm gonna miss my friends a lot hnng I'll be sure to visit my school before leaving hurr
kjasndaskdjhbasf wryyy "OTL

I'm gonna try to finish all artworks and stuff I need to do before leaving since I don't know whether I will be able to immediately connect to the internet once I get there jksdna let's just hope i do haha /SHOT

ok I'm done ranting, short post for today since I don't know what else to say (that kinda rhymes but wth)
no WIPs and doodles for now since I've only been scibbling these days ughh "OTL
oh and Happy Eid for those who celebrate it by the way durhurr


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ok-- so the last time I posted something on this blog was about 2 months ago haha
june was a busy month for me so I wasn't able to write anything lol
I went to Bali with a group of people to participate in a contest which was held there, and lol we got 1st place *u*
I got a few photos while I was there but I guess I'll just post them here later since I don't feel like doing so now

so anyways, I'm just writing this to prove that I haven't abandon this blog yet derpderp
and sorry, no WIPs for now because I'm not really happy with my artworks and I don't even have any motivation to finish my drawings D8
--and for some reason I'm not really in a bad mood these days and often feels uneasy;; idk, maybe because school started? haha and not to mention I'll be moving in a few months hnng
so therefore I've been pretty busy--

but I'll manage, I hope hahah *u*b

finals soon + WIP

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will be having my finals soon and therefore, I will be going on a hiatus soon-- and will be back before you know it ahahah /SHOT
wish me luck, especially on maths and accounting lolol
FFFF I suck with numbers D8<

and here's my last WIP before the finals;

my OCs, Tsubame and Yuuki from the so-called comic I've been doing
I haven't drawn these guys in a while ahahah I kinda miss them;;
yay for my lame characters. But no matter how lame they are, I still love them anyway ;3;

ughh and my tablet is lagging more often nowadays but whatever, I won't be using it for a while anyway;; I'll worry later /SOB

okk-- I'm done for today's entry
I need to find something to eat now


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the title says it all "OTL
I procrastinate on everything nowadays, srsly
and my extracurricular activities are starting to drive me nuts, everytime I go home after the activities I always end up sleeping until the evening (my best record is waking up at 11pm SOBSOB I'm starting to think that I'm nocturnal) and in the morning I woke up and realized that I haven't finished any of my homeworks for that day-- which I end up trying to finish in class, in a rush "OTL
I think my eyes are baggy now =A=;;

I don't know how many times I've said this before but I really need a break;;
...and also-- I need to buy a new sketchbook since I miss coloring my drawings with watercolor, but I can't seem to find the time to buy them "OTL

school rants + wips

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school has been very frustrating and tiring.. they keep on giving us so many test and homeworks fffff
ughhh seriously, too much homeworks makes your head explode "OTL
I wish I had more holidays, I really need a break from all these things QAQ
FFFFF I don't know what they're thinking but on the 21st (hari Kartini), they told us that we have to wear our traditional clothes to school....

.... GODAMMITBSDAAFSADMABNFA WHAT TIME DO THEY THINK I SHOULD WAKE UP JUST TO WEAR A SONGKET QAQ and I can't imagine how hot it would be to wear traditional clothes to school "OTL
For some reason I really feel like skipping school on that day but I don't I'll be able to do so since there will be a math test on the same day (I SWEAR THEY'RE DOING THIS ON PURPOSE HNNNGGGG)



So anyways,I keep on forgetting what to do these days, I think I should start making a to-do-list
....and here are my WIPS for today-- /SHOT


random drawing with random a random character, making the lineart was a pain but I was actually quite surprised that it turned out to look quite clean and crisp..
I've always enjoyed coloring hairs whenever I CG something, it's really fun ahahaha *v*
and so, I'm dedicated to make a decent background for this drawing... though I cannot guarantee that I'll be able to finish this (I might end up deleting it just like all the other drawings I've been doing after I feel unsatisfied about how it turned out in the end "OTL)


my OCs from a *cough*comic*cough* I've been doing =A=;;
this was actually a doodle that turned out to be a CG experiment.. ahahaha yes, I tried coloring lineless 8D
it was fun and so much faster to color 'cause I don't need to make any friggin lineart *v* <333
I might change my coloring to lineless if I feel more comfortable with this style
I'm not really sure if I'll be able to finish this since there are actually so many characters in this drawing but we'll see (if I don't procrastinate, this will take a few more days? idk)


ok, I think I should try finishing my history project.. I have to prepare on a presentation, but thankfully it isn't an individual work, I'll go slave on my friends to do it lolol
oh god, I wish I could stop slacking so much "OTL
--no wait.. I think I should just go to sleep for now;;