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................for how long have I neglected this blog I'm so sorry ahahahah
actually, I just remembered I haven't updated in a while yesterday... and no I didn't forget I had a blog, really-- /SMACKED
I didn't really have much to write about or show so I thought I would have just let it be instead of having people read my unimportant rants and random daily life ahahaha-- that sounds like a pretty fun idea to do though ◜◒◝ ) /HIT

My life has been pretty good so far, aside from my piling schoolwork and lack of sleep so I haven't really been productive these days-- not to mention my college has cancelled its winter semester so my fall semester would extend till the December 22nd(?) and spring starts at January ahahah brb weeping;;;;;; but I guess I'll manage, .. somehow.
I also went to Alaska during my summer break ahaha I had a really fun time there and I'd love to go back there if I have the chance to, I might be posting some photos from my trip on my next post ^q^ well not that anyone is interested but I will do it anyway /SHOT ...I kinda doubt people are still reading my blog anyway so yepyep it feels pretty nice to rant these to myself ahaha it's kinda like a stress relief I guess--

uhh I guess I'll stop ranting for today and post some doodles/dumps while I'm at it;;
dumps below to avoid sudden eyebleeds

summer break *q* (old trad. doodles)

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sorry for the lack of update, I'm finally free from school aahahaha//////
I'd also like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts, they made me really happy QvQ
I didn't really have a great birthday this year since I was so busy with my final projects and I didn't get to do anything memorable that day /rolls
but I got to ate cake my family and friends gave me so I'm all good ohohoh I really appreciated it sdjfdhjfdhs (yes I am easily pleased by food don't judge u3u )

ok then enough rambles ahaha for the sake of updating, I'll post some really old pencil doodles I found in my sketch books

dumps below!

quick dump update

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sorry for the lack of update;; the excuse of not knowing what to write is probably getting really old now /weeps
I'll try to update more often... with perhaps some wips or something idk orz

so for this entry, I'll just be posting some doodles or quick drawings QvQb
some of them are done a couple of months ago I'm not really sure sobb sorry I'll be reposting most of them from my tumblr /weeps

dumps below!

massive doodle spammage

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it's been a while since my last update *7*
I always find myself confused on what to write

I haven't been able to draw anything seriously lately, I spend most of my time doodling okok

more doodles below to save space (and reduce the chances of sudden eyebleeding OTL)

I can never think of good titles (dump)

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dump time ahahah
bear with my messy dumps, at least I tried to update /o\ *hides in embarrassment*

I haven't actually drawn anything seriously these days so I'll just dump some of my old doodles I did on my sketchbook/whatever paper I can find

I remember doodling that usuk for bluu before sleep and the others are just some stuff I felt like drawing :\
sorry if it's kinda blurry, I used my phone to take the pic orz (no scanner)

and have a monoba doodle ^q^
I've been drawing these two a lot lately idk why ahah

and that's about it for today,
I'll try to update more with my doodles on the weekends maybe =q=

I actually wanted to rant but I'll avoid doing that for now :'D